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Ducati parts for sale.

Buy and sell Ducati bevel parts.

Looking to buy any bevel twin or single parts: whole bikes, shed cleanouts or items.

All prices in Australian dollars.

Please email or ring re prices....all enquiries welcome.


All prices and availability current as of 20th March 2015.....


Used, but serviceable roundcase rod kit. Removed and replaced by a new set for a total blueprint restoration.

Install and use. $550 + postage.

Pantah head minus cam shaft. No damage.


ST4 with 11,000 kilometres on it. Low speed rollover at race track with cosmetic damage only. It has not been written off because the insurance wouldn't cover race track damage.

The previous elderly owner had taken it to a track day to 'test his mettle' and was clipped by another rider.

Make a great special.

Double overhead cam beast. I have for separate sale most the parts to restore it to original including an excellent set of bodywork. POA.


Very cool exact replica of the engine breather bellows from  1974 and '75 SSs.

Just what you need to complete your SS resto or that clone special.




New Darmah primary drive cover complete with bearings, seals and O-ring and ready to assemble.


New Mille/S2 taillight. $300.

Plugs for Marzocchi forks used on bevel twins (750 GT/Sport, SS models, Darmah, S2, MHR).

Thread is diameter 38mm x 1.5mm pitch. New and very well made....identical to originals. $110 for the set.


Squarecase motors for sale.

Pre Bosch 860 motor in sound mechanical shape. No broken fins or external reapiairs. Some small parts missing from the starter mechanism. $4500.

Also have an incomplete Bosch engine.







Pair of factory racing cams for round-case engines. Excellent , as new condition. $1200.


Brand new aftermarket squarecase kicker shaft. Perfect. $780 + postage. Two available.


Brand new single pull throttle. POA. Several in stock.

New big-end kits for round and squarecase engines. Stock 860 as well as the later stepped ones. The roundcase ones are stepped as well.


New high compression Mille piston kit. Standard bore size. $780.


Marzocchi triple clamp as fitted to 750 GTs, 860s and Darmahs. Modified versions of this were used on '74 SSs and Sports.

Easily converted by milling off the handlebar lugs. Rare item in any condition.




Lockheed caliper set that's been slightly modified to accommodate larger than stock rotors. Note that the mounting holes have been elongated for this purpose. They'll go straight onto your early bevel twin forks (750 GT and Sport leading axle).


Pair of  used Staintunes, $300 + postage.

Pair of  used Silentiums, $390 + postage.


Really nice sandcast replica roundcase alterantor cover. Perfect if you want black cases but you'll have to polish it if you want it to match the non-painted style as 750 GTs etc.


Matching sandcast replica roundcase gearshift cover.


Pair new Tarozzi rearsets. $200.

Very rare opportunity to buy a brand new Darmah dash console which is in perfect condition. $1500.





He we have another real rarity, a brand new Darmah tank in perfect condition. $1000 + postage.

I have numerous used Darmah tanks of varying quality, ranging from perfect through to rusted out. $800-$450-$50.


New Mille ignition adjustment covers.

New steering damper suitable for Darmahs. Missing adjusting knob but otherwise very nice condition.$95.

Nice little titbit...alloy swing-arm covers for Darmahs.

Two pairs available. $90 for set of two.


110mm X 18" (wide) Akront wheel. It is new but the chrome on the spoke has some minor flaking. $700.


New Darmah headlamp lens and rim assembly in perfect condition. $820.

One new Goldline caliper. Some minor storage blemishes. $300.


Hard to get Aprilia switches.....POA.

These are new and correct for early bevel twins, including 750 GT, 750 Sport, 1974-75 SS and singles.

New 315mm kick-start shaft. Beautifully made aftermarket item machined from billet.

Better solution than trying to refurb' your butchered original.

$750 + postage.


Rare item, 300mm kick-start shaft assembly as fitted to very early 750 GTs.

Excellent you can see, the spline is perfect. $680.


Unique Lockheed brake setup for bevel twins.

Sale includes two Lockheed calipers and two discs with spacers and bolts. Discs are 295mm while stock Ducati items are 278mm...i.e. more stopping grunt.

Look the part for classic racing or just that bevel special. As you may be able to see, the calipers have been nicely modified to accommodate the larger discs.

Calipers will not fit later Marzocchi forks.

$600 + postage charges.


Clutch perch for late model bevels in very nice condition. $280.

Three separate switch blocks. $180 each.

Three late model clutch levers , all in excellent condition. $150 each.

Late model bevel twin brake levers, all in very good condition. $150 each.



Darmah/GTS/S2/MHR electric start assembly.




New factory MHR steel tank...never been used. No damage and ready to paint, $750 + postage..







Complete set of S2 bodywork.

Hard to find original seat moulding in excellent condition....must have for accurate resto of your S2, $500.

Nice rust free tank with key for cap. Two slight dents but otherwise in excellent condition. $800 (Sold).

Complete set of bodywork. The fairing is fibreglass but all other parts are the original injection moulded plastic with no cracks. $800.

Rear guard and tail-light assembly in excellent condition. No damage to lamps and the whole item is perfect for your S2 or MHR resto. This is item is suitable for MHR models as well. $550.

Pair rider rearset pegs $300.

Pair blinker lenses (the bodies are broken) $100.

or $1200 for the lot.


Round motor cam support blocks, as new and ready to fit. $390AUD.


Pair of used roundcase rods. These can be rebuilt by either light grinding and over size pin made or bored out to take sleeves. I have two sets available. Also have the shorter 860 style ones in both SS and regular profile. Several Bosch style cranks available.


Used Surflex clutch plates in excellent condition...this'll fix your slipping clutch issues typical of original factory items. Suites all bevel twins. $100 + postage.

Pair of late '80s Suzuki GSX 750 twin pot calipers with adaptor plates so they'll go on bevel Marzocchis. Removed from a hot S2 special some years back. They've been sitting round in my stash for all those years and it's time for them to go to a good home, so make an offer....

Star stamp.....for that perfect exact stamping of your new Verlicchi frame. If you've looked around to find one of these then you'll know how much they cost....not to mention how hard they are to locate. Email for price.

I have one available.



750 SS head in excellent condition. No damage or repairs. $1750 AUD


Very scarce item: NOS Mille alternator cover $1100.


New aftermarket folding foot-peg set to suit early bevel twins with UNF thread (won't fit latter twins). Very nicely made. $150 +postage.


Brand new squarecase alternator cover. Perfect condition, ready to install.

$1100+ postage and Paypal charges.



Two piece brake rotors with 6.2 mm thickness. Don't think anyone's making this type yet. Rare items in any condition but these ones are nice and just need bead blasting and repainting.


New aftermarket 750 Sport/'74 SS kickstart knuckle. $250.



This bike is not for sale....a rather nice special made from a 900 MHR (or S2 for that matter).

 I do have an S2 frame for sale if you're tempted to start something like this.


New exhaust nuts.


New CEV numberplate holder. Suits 750 GT and 1974/75 SS models.


Quality used steering dampers that were fitted to S2s and Darmahs.$120  



This is a 750 SS clone I built up some years ago. Long since sold.



38 mm Sport headlamp bracket rubbers.


Really nice new stainless steel fuel caps.

I have several of these scarce Aprilia headlamp lenses for sale.  Must have item for that perfect resto of your early 750 GT. POA.



This bike is NOT for sale.  Everything new. The motor is a special 900 Desmo with bells and whistles throughout. 




Expertly crafted replica seat covers for Euro and US market 750 GTs $300 each. I have several of each available.



Seat covers for GTS ($300), Sport ($150) and whale tail Darmah ($300).



Rims Good :

                                                                                          Rims and Spokes Excellent:

                                                                                          Nice Stainless Steel Exhaust:

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                                                                                           Miscellanious bevel parts

                                                                                           Miscellanious bevel parts

                                                                                            Miscellanious bevel parts

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